What To Expect At Your First Visit

Congratulations! You’ve just taken the first step to finding a Scarborough dentist that is fully committed to being part of your journey to excellent oral health … for life. Making the choice of a new dental care provider for your family can be a hard one. And you want to know this choice is the right one for your family. If your web search for a ‘dentist near me’ has helped you to find our website, we hope this page helps answer any questions you may have. Just call us  if you have any questions that haven’t been answered here.

New Patient?

Please fill out the easy-to-use,
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Front Desk

Your medical history is an important part of your dental visits. Why? Because certain medications and health conditions can make a big difference to your oral health and how we manage your treatment needs. If you’d like to prepare for your first visit to our general dentist in Scarborough, please fill out our secure online intake form. 


Treatment Plan

If financial arrangements are needed to be done, our office manager and treatment coordinator, will be happy to discuss options that will help put your dental treatment within your financial reach. We provide payment plans for extensive work and Invisalign® treatment, and we can submit your insurance claims electronically for you.



Meet the doctor and discuss your personal oral health needs and desires. Here you’ll learn what we find while we work with you to determine the personalized approach that works best for you. Whether we set up a regular care schedule, design a treatment plan to address decay or gum issues, discuss your cosmetic concerns, or you require orthodontics or dental implants in Scarborough, this is your chance to tell us what you like and don’t like about your smile and general oral health. Then we work with you to help you meet these goals.


Treatment Coordination

If you have any additional questions about recommended treatments and how to best manage your insurance policy, our treatment coordinator will help you navigate through them. From general questions about options to sending predetermination to your insurance provider, we want to know that you leave our office with all your questions asked and answered. And of course, if you ever have additional questions, all you need to do is call.



Your first hygienist appointment will take longer than others, even if you attended regular dental appointments before visiting us. At your first appointment, we want to get to know you – and this includes everything about your teeth, gums, and oral cavity. So, we spend a little extra time creating a mouth-map so that we can track changes over time and have a clear picture of your oral health needs and concerns. You can take advantage of this appointment by asking any questions you have about the best way to care for your smile. Brushing and flossing are essential but can also be damaging to your smile if done incorrectly. Your hygienist is an expert at patient education and will happily give you all the help you need to take the best care of your teeth at home.



At Town Centre Dental Clinic, in addition to digital x-rays, we use a small pen-sized camera – called an intraoral camera – that we use to show you what we see when we examine your mouth. Used to both check for issues and give us a baseline for future care, all our diagnostic equipment is digital and set to emit the lowest amount radiation – as much as 90% less radiation than with film x-rays.

Your Dental Home

Whether an emergency dental visit or routine root canal, it’s important to us that you feel at home at our practice and we welcome you to call us. It would be our honour to have the opportunity to build a long-term relationship with you, to ensure you feel great about your appointment and your smile!